Saturday, December 11, 2010

On Humans Not Being Bunnies: Malthus and Stuff

If anyone cared about my opinions, I would be rich and famous now. (Yes, that is an invitation to you to make me rich and famous.) So instead of inflicting them on you (for now), I offer the  links promised elsewhere.

Here's Archatlas. Have fun and come back soon!
Here's Ken Pomeranz dissecting Clark at length (probably limited access):
If you haven't had enough Pomeranz bashing, check out Jan Luiten van Zanden, “Simply a Better Class of People? The ClarkThesis Assessed,” Agricultural History Review 57, 1 (2009), 124—29, pimping a book that's probably better. 

The mere microhistorical world of the clock on the wall is remarkably unsympathetic to my need for more time before work to extend this post. As a result, this will be all for now, although I do promise a selection of monographs for a "round table"-type seminar Real Soon Now.

PS: Who is the real Malthus? Check out  James Bonar, Malthus and His Works, conveniently reissued by F. Cass's "Library of Economic Classics" in 1966. Remember: overpopulation isn't human nature. It's something that Hindus, Catholics, High Church Anglicans, and other barbarians do. 

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