Monday, January 31, 2011

And now for a brief musical interlude

I just lost four hours of work --at least-- to a careless cut and paste. And I feel like...

Yeah. That. Also, mad. I am very frustrated right now. I really wanted to post something useful and interesting here today, but I have a book review to write for H-Net, and work soon. And I'm way too angry at myself to reconstruct it.

So. Uhm. Did you know that Google has the first volume of Vault and Pelet,Mémoires militaires relatifs à la succession d'Espagne sous Louis XIV digitised? But it doesn't have the supplementary atlas. If you have access to that atlas at your library, you should go look at it. It's cool. If you were thinking that you wanted to digitise a massive, elephant folio at some point in the near future, that would be a good one to do.

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